Gear 360 2017 Ultimate Guide – Part 1

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From unboxing to sample footage I go over the new Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition) features, cheers and jeers. As The Hi Tech Nomad, Orman Beckles reviews the latest in technology. Questions and comments are always welcome.

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  1. Cheer Orman
    Really useful; i have an old version and just ordered a new 2017 as well. Thinking I'll use 2016 for higher resolution stills and 2017 for video and where necessary HDR stills. Does that make sense to you?

  2. I'm wondering, why I don't have the "EDIT" Option in my App version; so no chance to add logos or patches on the bottom of the video or photo. Are there different versions of the app?
    Still waiting for part 2 of your review 🙂

  3. Just bought this camera and review was really helpful.

    I just wanted to comment that this is one of the best review videos I have seen. I really liked your format. Lots of good info without annoying me with a lot of info I don't care about. Keep up the good work, I just subscribed.

  4. Hello , please suggest me regarding the following concern. I have the new gear 360 (2017). While stitching a video using action director in PC i observed that file size is less as compared to file obtained by stitching using android phone. What's the best way to retain maximum quality possible ? Thanks