Getting Started With Cord Cutting Part 2 – Roku vs Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV

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Part 2 of our new series on how to get started with cord cutting. Today we look at streaming players including Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. Helping you pick the right one for you.

Roku Unboxing and UI:

Fire TV Unboxing & UI:

Android TV Unboxing & UI:

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  1. But this can be almost free if you want it to be. Roku has what, maybe 2000 channels? If you are watching this, you are already paying for internet. Buy your device, plug it in and see what you can find. It took a few weeks, but after i dropped DISH, I didn't miss anything.

  2. One point that I don't think was mentioned is that you need one of these streaming devices for each TV. If you have multiple TVs, purchasing Apple or Nvidia devices can really add up.

  3. We live in a rural area in Utah and there is no way to get OTA broadcast of any local stations we have trie Roku and Fire TV to us they are very similar our question is since we want t get all our local station which do you prefer Hulu or Sony Playvue? They seem to be the only two services that get all of our local stations. We have directv now yet as of late August Direct lost there deal with our local NBC affiliate so we are trying to figure what’s the best option

  4. I'm using the Matricom gbox q3 and am ready to find a good 4k streaming android box for netflix, that I can use in Canada