Gold iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing & First Impressions!

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Early iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing in NEW Gold Color & Comparison With 7 Plus. + iPhone 8 Plus 4K Camera Test. First Hands On Impressions.

iPhone 8 Plus vs X:
iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus:


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  1. A way i got my iphone 8 plus i aksed my mom and dad if i can get it a week after it comes out and count it as my christmas gift my birthday gift and they still dint agreed but realized they spent almost that much ammount of money on my birthday and christmas and then a week later I GOT IT!

  2. I'm swithing back to iPhone I had the iPhone 5s before I switched I got the galaxy s6 and 7 but I miss iPhone and the premium feel when you get it so I'm getting a 7 or 8 and it's hard to choose. and when you look at Samsung and iPhone it looks like Samsung is better but really I like the iPhone more the reason I want a iphone 8 is the battery life is better and it's like buy one get one free but the 7 is basically the 8 with a cheaper price tag the only thing the 8 has is wireless charging but in not going to miss that at all so what do you guys thing

  3. Got my iPhone 6s last year, tbh I don’t really see the point in upgrading just to lose my home button and headphone jack to get a phone and worry about breaking the front and back.

  4. iPhone 8 Plus is literally last year's iPhone 7 Plus with glass back and "wireless" charging which actually isn't wireless at all bc you still have to lay your phone on the charging pad and it's just stuck there. You can't use it while its wirelessly charging. Apple should never have released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The new gold color doesn't even look close to rose gold. It's just a beige color! How does beige look like gold?????