Google Calendar for iPhone & Android

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Google Calendar
Googlehas made both the iOS and Android apps identical an almost every way.
They now have an elegant and streamlined calendar, that is a joy to use.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Is there a way to share the calendar so that BOTH of us can view it on our devices? I have tried to share my calendar and she can only view it on the desktop, not her phone. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Steve, unfortunately my fave Sunrise is going and I don't think outlook will be like it was, although they say it will, so I am now going to try google calendar.

  3. I am trying to figure out how to edit an event that I've already put into Google Calendar using the iPhone 6. I can edit just fine on my laptop but how do you do it on the IPhone 6?

  4. hi i have an outlook account how i use it with google calendar on my note? when i go to settings theres a lot of calendars "samsung calendar" outlook calendar' device calendar" it's driving me crazy.

  5. I have different calendars – work, personal. Is there a way I can add personal (pink) without having to switch from default calendar (blue)? Doesnt seem to ask you Event for Personal or Work (my categories) on my iphone….or am I missing something?

  6. do you think iOS or android integrates the calendar better? I always think android is better but I have an I phone and I just think I can't se tup my iphone properly what do you think?

  7. Hi there! Wondering here if you still use Google Calendar? I've been using Microsoft Outlook's Calendar for years. And have never felt short of headaches. I always thought it was the best but I'm sure in 2016 there are more options. I've searched but can't find anything so I came to you. I pay monthly to MS for the Outlook Office. But find it's terrible with the emails as well as the Calendar. In order to sync up with my phone it causes terrible sluggishness which has been actually slowing down my day. I just liked to go to one place for my productivity. emails/calendar/contacts. Therefore, I'm curious if you have found any other platforms free or paid, other than Google. Unless Google is the best one. Then I'll switch over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

  8. With the exception of two entries the location the picture shows when I am entering the address then disappears when I hit the save button. I can't find anything different in my entry. Any suggestions to get the graphics more often?

  9. I LOVE Google Calendar on my Samsung S7 Edge. It has been working well with my Dell laptop. This morning, my calendar on my laptop is GONE! I've done everything that the Google help site tells me to do but NOTHING I do will get my calendar back on my laptop. My phone remains perfect! HELP!

  10. Steve you tutorial is great but doesn't address my problem. I "lost" my widget on my android phone for the Google calendar. Now the only thing I can get for a widget covers the whole page!

  11. Thanks for the informative, thorough video. I'm torn between the default Samsung calendar app and Google calendar. I think I'll try it out and see which is superior 🙂

  12. Hi can you please explain to me why my google calendar deletes passed events on one of my calendars. How can I overcome this issue ?
    Does Sunrise have the same problem ?

  13. Call Google Calendar Not Syncing Helpline Number 1-888-278-0751 for any technical help and support. If you are facing any Google Calendar related issues or problems, call our toll free helpline number and get easy and instant solutions.

  14. Riddle me this – I just upgraded from a Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S8 phone and opened the native Calendar App; where did the copy function go? How do I access it??

    I do not plan on opening a browser or using a desktop computer for such a tedious task that should be simple and native, please help!

  15. Hello Steve. I'm trying to use Google Calendar and I love the interface and how easy it is to put in an event. The only trouble I have with it that I can't figure out is how do I know when someone has invited me to an event without opening up my app to see it. For instance, if my wife adds a calendar event and invites me to it and the event isn't until March of 2018, how do I know I've received the invite? I don't get a notification like I did with the basic iOS calendar. Please help!

  16. Is Google Calendar the best app for daily, monthly, yearly plan, task, schedule, appointments? In 2017, is Google Calendar still the best (For Note 8)? Thanks.

  17. What settings/steps can I do to prevent accidentally sharing my Google Calendar information? I only want the information in the Calandar to be read by me. Thanks.

  18. Thank you for the information on how to better use Google Calendar. I do have one question not covered, I use Google Assistant too and I use it to remind me of appointments and events. It does not appear to transfer over to Google Calendar. Did I miss something on the Assistant?

  19. FFW TO 2:52 so you can avoid the nonsense and misery of listening to this dude talk about nothing. You're welcome for not having this make you want to stab yourself in the ears! …F#@K!!