Google Pixel 2 XL Official Design 2017 Phone Specifications, Price, Release Date

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Google Pixel XL 2 Official Design 2017 Phone Specifications, Price, Release Date

Renders Revealed Google Pixel 2 XL Official Higher Aperture Design, The Gorgeous Frameless Design The Google Pixel XL 2 is shown in rendering you can clearly see in the video.

Resource profile Android Police published a rendering and details about the forthcoming next generation smartphone the Google Pixel XL. It is noted that the image is based on information from sources believed to be the authors of Android Police “extremely reliable”.

According to a source smartphone equipped 6-inch LG production AMOLED-display with an aspect ratio of 2: 1, substantially the entire front panel. Another feature will be a “compressible” edge in the style of the flagship HTC U11. It will allow to interact with your smartphone, simply squeezing the casing.

According to earlier leaks model Google Pixel XL 2 under the codename Taimen (trout) will receive super motion 12 Megapixel 1/2.3″ rear camera and 8MP front camera improved with low light performance, EIS and PDAF. Google Pixel 2 XL will receive 6 inch QHD Super AMOLED Display with a resolution Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) from LG.

Google Pixel Xl 2 (3D) glass design made by metal and glass furnished design, equipped rear mounted fast fingerprint scanner. New Google’s flagship Pixel Xl 2 will come with 4-6GB Of RAM and 64-128GB internal memory. The higher aperture design Google Pixel 2 protected gorilla glass 5 a squeezable frame design, basically this is the smartphone of 2017, it will be the king of all smartphones.

The smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL will get a thinner frame around the display is compared to the original Pixel XL. The design would be similar – bicoloured rear panel with a metal at the bottom and the top glass. Hardware basis will be top processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4-6GB of RAM. In this case, 64-128GB of internal flash memory will be the only option.

Recall, these “fish” code names in the spirit of Google branded smartphone. So, last year’s Pixel Pixel XL and called Marlin (Marlin) and Sailfish (sailing, also the fish), and Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P – Bullhead (a kind of catfish) and Angler (monkfish).

As expected, Google Pixel smartphones 2 and Pixel XL 2 will debut in October 2017.

Google Pixel 2 XL 2017 Phone Specifications, Release Date and Characteristics

Super Motion Camera
12 Megapixel 1/2.3″
8MP Front Camera
Ultra Wide Angle Camera
12MP Rear Camera
Higher Aperture Design
Improved Low Light Performance
Rear Fingerprint Scanner
3D Glass Design
Corning Gorilla Glass 5
6 Inch QHD Super AMOLED Display
(18:9 Aspect Ratio)
Squeezable Frame Design
Snapdragon 835 Processor
4-6GB Of RAM
64-128GB ROM
Metal and Glass Design
4K Video Recording
Resolution Quad HD
(2560 x 1440 pixels)
Google Pixel 2 XL Release Date Expected October, 2017

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  1. People must be careful ! My wife bought a pixel as my birthday gift , however this phone is damage which cannot use . And we decide to return and get refund , the Google support staff pretend to cannot hear me or shut my call after I provide all the detail . Finally they said toll shipping company will pick up 3/10/2017 , but no one come and I call again the support centre , they still don't know what is going on . If you want to purchase it , just think about what I described . It happened 2 weeks already , maybe I can berry it with me when I die . Awful company , sucks service !!

  2. Are they going to ruin this one by making it available on only 1 carrier as in the past? If so it will be once again discarded as a choice by thousands of potential customers.