Google Pixel 3 vs Apple iPhone XS

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iPhone vs Android – it may not be the oldest rivalry in the tech world, but it is surely one of the most fierce, with millions of loyal advocates rooting for each side. But with competition comes innovation, and with innovation come amazing products — products like the Google Pixel 3 and the iPhone XS.

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  1. Of course the iPhone is better… It's more expensive! They don't even do price cuts for Black Friday in Canada. Pixel 3 definitely has a better camera though.

  2. This guy is an iPhone user and therefore for him iPhones will always be better when matched up against any android device even after 50 years, only an android user can understand android's real values and advantages

  3. Google Assistant alone has me locked to the Pixel line now. Rocked a 5S then an SE and went Android with my Pixel 2. There are some features I miss with iOS but in all honesty I prefer how Google Assistant just makes my life easier.
    Apple may as well just give up when it comes to Siri; completely useless.

  4. So I do prefer the iPhone, but you kinda seem very biased. The Pixel 3 doesn’t have 2 giant chin bezel things. It has a bottom chin yes, but it also has a notch at the top. You can keep the notch or get rid of it in settings. So you saying that it’s much worse than the XS because of the two big bezels is just not true.

  5. how is itunes an advantage? you can only sync to one computer….on a pixel 3 you can literally connect phone to computer via usb and drag and drop music. in what world is itunes an advantage seriously? it's limiting and garbage program…wow this dude is so biased it's pathetic.

  6. When he gave the photography nod to the iPhone, I hit the dislike button. The Pixel is a clearly better photo camera. It's not even close. The Pixel is far superior. This dude is clearly sucking on Apple's nipple.

  7. Apple fan boy for sure . yes Apple does support older devices only to cripple them and render them useless so you go and buy another one . No fast charging block ,no dongle ect they are a bunch of crooks .