Google Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max: Camera Review + GIVEAWAY!

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UPDATE: The Pixel 3’s raw files do include data from the stacked images. We’ll follow-up with another video examining DR, etc. Win one at
We test the cameras on the new Google Pixel 3 XL ( vs the iPhone XS Max ( Which takes better photos (including landscapes, portraits, macro photography, and night photography) and which takes better video (including 4k/30, 4k/60, and slow-motion)?


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  1. I think the camera on iPhone is better especially in the video department. It might not take the "best" photo, but in terms of everyday use and if color management were taken into account, iPhone has a clear advantage.

  2. Hello and a very marvellous evening to you Tony and Chelsea!! I adore your reviews SO very much!! ???????))))))))) What are your professional opinions about the quality of the cameras on the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro? ?????)))))))))))))))

  3. If it’s all about camera and photography, sure that this channel will give you an accurate review which is really goood! Love youu booth! Oh, i just entered your giveawaaay! Hope to win that iphone xs max! It’ll be my first ever gift for my 18th birthday if im going to wiin! Hwaiting!

  4. Great vid once again. Please please would you review the Huawei P20 Pro. Would love to have you pro opinions on it regarding wide, macro and mid shots.

  5. Does anybody actually want fake bokeh on smartphones? The companies are trying so hard to make it better but I don't see myself using it that much even if it was perfect. Seems like a better solution is to put a faster lens. There is still plenty of room to increase camera module size in my opinion. I would love a fat phone with a huge camera bump and a 2kWh battery. I feel like a geeky Meghan Trainor; "I'm all about that bass…"

  6. I guess you guys are having a computer glitch because now it's saying that I'm entered 8 times… who knows all I know is I have to be entered to have a chance of winning one of these marvelous gifts thanks you guys have the best videos

  7. Hi what's going on I enter your giveaway 8 times now it's saying I didn't even enter it?? Please help I know my chances are slim to winning it but you never know but now it's saying I didn't even enter your contest and I can't seem to get back into enter the contest are you having maybe a computer glitch help