Google Pixel 3 XL vs. iPhone XS Max Speed Test

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Speed test between Google Pixel 3 XL and Apple iPhone XS Max to see which phone is faster. Our tests are conducted in a temperature controlled environment, and we run multiple trials on each phone for more accurate and consistent results.


Pixel 3 XL – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 4 GB RAM, UFS 2.1, Android 9.0
iPhone XS Max – Apple A12 Bionic, 4 GB RAM, NVMe, iOS 12.0.1

Version 2.5 of the speed test includes major improvements to the robot arm’s performance.



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Google Pixel 3 XL vs. iPhone XS Max Speed Test



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  1. Sorry.. this is not a good test at all. I'm looking for a non bias and real test as I'm looking at both of these 2 phones and looking for non bias test but this isn't one but I'm sure the sheeple are like "see? iPhone's better"

  2. I was really excited for the Pixel 3 but it's a fail in both design and performance, for me it's between the Oneplus 6t, Iphone Xs and the Huawei Mate 20 pro, these seem to be the best phones of the year.
    I'm waiting to see if samsung has something better to offer and then I'm upgrading

  3. Google is on its 4th gen, it is still working on catching up to apple. But once it does, android will take over the world

  4. Is that what you call a "pure android experience" where it has to reload every single app? Then fuck me sideways I will never touch a shitty Pixel phone ever. If I see anyone on the street using a Pixel 3, I'm going to feel sorry for them knowing they have to be so patient waiting for their app to reload constantly. Damn.

  5. Apple is making huge profits with accessories… all this “ future “ bs , there is a say “ Future Is NOW” I run a recording studio and this “ wireless, removal of all ports, audio jack … it’s a shambles and force us to buy new gears, adaptors, dongles etc . I’m on a Mac platform since late 90’ nowadays Apple is pushing the envelope too much with this “ futuristic “ & soooo overprice products… I’m holding tight on my Mac items own … those new keyboard suck, the super expensive new iPad , which I must say I like it but again audio jack removed-WHY! this Bluetooth technology isn’t really working for professional users… give me a break !!! Mr. “Cookeee “

  6. this is why i dont trust Android Builder (like Android Studio etc etc), they're not optimized their software for future phone, the language is pain my brain even my friend tell me to make android software is too hard even for Advanced user, fragment everywhere, deprecated code everywhere, but somehow, someone can still making that deprecated code usefull, wtf.