Google Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: first look

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It’s Google’s best with the just announced Pixel 3 XL, versus Samsung’s mightiest with the Note 9. Surely, it’s the battle of the behemoths with this one!

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  1. I have the Pixel 3XL, and my wife has the Note 9 512/8. Comparing them side by side in daily life, the Note 9 does a little more feature wise but is noticeably laggy compared to the Pixel. Pixel camera is also sharper in a hurry (post processing) and better in low light. Battery life is similar in practice so far, but really subjective to apps and use. Notch is either something that grows on you (you don't notice it as much) or you will forever hate it. We are lucky to have either, so it's all first world problems right?

  2. Wonder how much these people in the comments section is paid by Samsung… And all over YouTube as well. It’s becoming very evident ? There’s really nothing special about the Note 9. It’s just another boring looking glass brick with gimmicky bloatware and the S Pen honestly doesn’t get used that much. Only the Samsung fans try to justify using it on a daily basis.

  3. BRO!!! u dont need to say the whole name of the phone.. we know its the Google pixel 3 XL 6 inch notch Qualcomm super dragon 6.9 inch one cam phone WTF

  4. I think Samsung should have a notch……BUT hear me out…..I think it should have a thin notch the same width of the their bezels now and have it always blacked out and hidden BUT have the extra screen real estate to put the time and notification bar in the space each side of the permanently hidden notch…..just gives you more screen and not selling out on your beliefs at the same time.

  5. Pixels are a niche product IMO. You can get a proper camera for a lot less money that'll do more- that's its USP, the camera. I've never seen anyone with a pixel on the train or bus. The pure android experience only seems to be spoken up by "tech" youtubers. In reality most of the Android features such as split screen were pioneered by HTC and Samsung with their skins. Reports suggest Google have sold only 7 million Pixels in total since their inception. I can't see this new one being anything more than a youtubers niche product AGAIN. I have a tanked Nexus 7 that doesn't work anymore because of it's "pure android updates". Google bought the HTC design team and they still messed up with this monstrosity of a notch. Lets face it Google just can't do hardware or hardware back-up.