Google Pixel 4a vs Samsung Galaxy A51: Which One Is Better?

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  1. The Samsung Galaxy A51 may have punchier colours that are more pleasing but are different from what your eyes actually see and the pixel 4a clearly has the better quality photos, video, audio recording.

  2. I really want the 4a, but with no SD slot…arghh. I'm wanting a phone for the camera. I guess I could always transfer files to my Samsung SSD,but what if I go a month or 2 without backing up and the 4a gets destroyed or just craps out. Everything is lost. I was also about to buy the A51, but again after seeing the camera… Is it time for me to go to the dark side and get an Apple se??? By the way I use to only buy flagship phones,but no matter if it's budget or flagship after 2 years they're done so to me anything over $400 is not going to happen.

  3. I've always said this, if you want to experience Android and Google at its best you have to get a pixel device. I started when the nexus phones where out. Reason is because you get to experience the true Android since it is stock. If you get anything else other than a Google line up, you will be getting all the bloatware that samsung add to it, along with other manufacturer. That is the reason why ppl get irritated when your phone becomes laggy, and I mean super laggy. Just look at the Samsung and how laggy it was now. Always go stock Android and you will experience smoothness and reliability just how you feel like an iPhone. I've never used a Samsung and I never will. So many adds and they just make money off you from all that unwanted useless bloatware. And plus, with pixels you will get the latest Android before anyone else. Just days or a couple of weeks after. Not years after lol.

  4. Really wanted the 4a but here in Canada it is $600 and the a51 is at $350 , getting the a51 cause I'm on a budget 🤷‍♀️

  5. god. i had the samsung galaxy a51, and the samsung exynos chip is SHIT. PURE SHIT. the A51 i had had the worst battery i've ever seen. and i came from the a50. it's kinda sad that the a50 has better battery life, and better performance. the A51 is soo bad. please, just go out and get the pixel 4a. you will thank me later. i promise.