Google Pixel 5 Actually More Like Google Pixel 5a

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LG gram 17 :
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  1. All I want is an awesome display, great camera (not many cameras) just one main camera and maybe a telophoto lens, a decent processor which won't lag, 6/8Gb ROM 128Gb RAM, decent battery life which lasts atleast a day. And awesome software experience.

  2. People have no clue what is going on. US is in a very difficult situation to implement 5G. Most of the low to mid range spectrums suitable for 5G are already allocated to US military. And the high frequency bands have two fundamental problems: 1) the coverage is very short 2) it can be easily disrupted. In order to solve this problem, US needs to install 5G boxes in a much higher density than the rest of the world who can deploy 5G in low to mid-range spectrum. In another word, US will guarantee to be lacking behind the rest of the world, especially China, which already installed over half a million 5G towers across the nation. In comparison, US only put up about 30K boxes in tested US cities.

    So this is a battle that US can not win. So the only strategy left is to stop 5G altogether and leap frog to 6G. But then 6G most likely depends on 5G as an optimization generation, not a paradigm shift generation. That means if US is behind in 5G, it will have to wait until 7G to lead the way. Now you know what is all those political operations against the biggest 5G supplier, Huawei is all about. It has nothing to do with National Security. Huawei has 4G market too. How come there is no National Security concern for 4G? That is because US leads the 4G movement. Get it?

  3. But I have a $500 Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, and I have a better chip than the pixel 5. Not a huuge fan if I'm being ENTIRELY honest : /

  4. Maybe this is Google trying to pull a Nintendo; to get more people into the Google ecosystem with an affordable and enticing alternative, with something the Android competition doesn't have: the software quality. By showing us what we really want without directly competing with the other Android manufacturers. By doing their own thing.

  5. obviously have to wait till the phone actually comes out, but what is the point of having a cost cutting phone as your "Flagship" when you have the "a" series which Is meant to do exactly that?

  6. Here is a crazy idea: Let me be your AverageJoe. Send me 1 smartphone per year. I will use it for a year and provide you with the content for an AverageJoe review video. 😅

  7. Bummer. But if it has the stereo speakers, pixel camera WITH A WIDE ANGLE, OLED screen, two day battery life, and low price, I’ll be fine.

  8. Better battery life and camera is what people want. In most countries including the United States iPhone is a symbol of wealth and status. Those who don't care or can't afford buy Android. Better value with great camera is more important to most. Who really Max's out the processor anyways? Photoshop? Video conversions? Laptops and websites server's do the heavy lifting.

  9. I think I read the 4a 5G variant will feature the 765G for $499. If that's the case they probably should go with something faster for the 5. Otherwise the 4a 5G will destroy the 5's sales

  10. I don't buy phones I don't mind, I buy phones I want the most. I have given up on Google phones a while ago. There flagship phones always leave a lot of things to be desired while charging the same premium as other phones that offer much much more. Looking at there track record one would assume they screw up every release on purpose because I don't see how a company can get it wrong year after year when they have competition to use as I starting point. The only other alternative is there just lazy and just don't care enough to be in the smartphone market. If that's the case they should throw in the towel and stick to Software.

  11. Honestly, as someone who used to the top of the line Android I could get my hands on, I'm kind of tired of it and the cost. I'm ready to see what the budget field has to offer