Google Pixel 5 – True Game Changer!

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The pixel 5 is going to be a true game changer and make a big impact in the smartphone world!

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the google pixel 5 is the upcoming smartphone from google and its incredible! unlike other releases from google the pixel 5 is set for flagship camera performance at a midrange cost. The google pixel 5 makes the right compromises to deliver it in the upper mid range section.
Today we go through the specs, design, launch & price of the google pixel 5. We have an official trailer video as well as a hands on unboxing review of the google pixel 5.

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  1. I'm using the Pixel 4 and I really don't like the Pixel 5. Mainly because they've gone back to that ugly punch hole in the screen and are getting rid of the sweet and unique radar technology. Instead of being somewhat unique they are going back to the boring fingerprint reader on the back. Lame Google, lame!

  2. You know you saying nonsense, right? You kept saying it would come with Google Photos' unlimited storage at high pic quality as if it's a good, special thing when that offering is already available for all phones. And it's been a downgrade since Pixel 4 that Google removed Pixel 3's unlimited storage at "original quality". This makes you look not knowledgeable.