Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7: A Day in the Life

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What happens when you replace your iPhone with the Android iPhone? WSJ’s Joanna Stern compares the iPhone 7 and its lookalike, the Google Pixel, during a day of fun-filled adventures. Photo: Joanna Stern/The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Thanks for a great video–funny and well done, and different. I like that it wasn't just another video telling new the specs of the phone. I like the Google vs Apple gauge on the top left of the video. And I like how you talked about how the transition from ios to Android was like for you. I'm an avid Apple user who's considering the switch to the Pixel next time I'm looking for a new phone, this Fall. Great job! Keep 'em coming!

  2. This is a little biased and dumb cause it starts out by giving the point of view of an apple user switch it around and apple wouldn't stand a chance. Yes it may be hard to switch from an apple to an android because apple makes it hard and if it was from a mostly Android users point of view than most of your arguments against apple would be gone