Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Battle of more than just Digital Assistants

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The Pixel embodies everything that Google envisions the perfect smartphone should be,.. But we don’t blame you if you feel that there’s a striking resemblance to a very direct competitor. This comparison between the Google Pixel and the iPhone 7 was in order, as it’s the main question we receive on social media.

If looks could kill, neither of these phones would win a beauty pagent. The iPhone 7 has followed Apple’s conservative design language, focused more on feel than looks. And you could also argue that Google followed a similar approach with the pixel.

Watch our full comparison to learn more.


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  1. I actually dislike how Siri prompts you to speak immediately after a response. I always feel caught off guard and have to think up a properly worded prompt.

  2. What about unlimited cloud storage on Google's Pixel, seamless and quick updates, and a significantly better fingerprint sensor. The camera on the Pixel is a little bit better than the iPhone, and let's not forget- the assistant may have work to do, but it still trumps Siri with its screen search feature and contextual interaction. I do believe it is well worth the money. Pixel is a premium phone, so what's your problem with a premium price?

  3. Using pixel since its release… bought after iphone 6s and let me tell you my experience is great… fully satisfied with touch, processor , security and camera which is one of best available in smartphone.
    You get latest updates and more security compare to other android phones .
    I was not satisfied with the design earlier but may be that was new at that time so i used to feel like design could have been better but now i love it , it stands out specially when you compare with similar looks of iphone 6,6s,7 .
    Only con i faced was not supporting samsung 360 gear which i wanted

  4. Biased. Pixel is clearly a winner in camera,speed, screen and other departments. Those photos weren't even relatively close. The cameras are simply better on Pixel, and the price is right considering its capabilities. It's also A CLEAN Android experience, it feels and runs smoother than the iPhones.

  5. iPhones finally got a real worthy competitor. Now the battle is direct between Apple & Google. I'm an Apple fan but i think Pixel already destroyed iPhones in all aspects. Google really rocks and they should've come earlier in smartphone-making, there would be no chance for Apple & Samsung then. Pixel proved it.

  6. I know this might sound dumb but if Google made a deal with Apple to use iOS in their devices I bet everyone would buy it because I would take the Pixel over the iPhone if it used iOS?idk why I just hate Android and how it works

  7. The problem with Google is the way the Nexus program worked. They should be on the Nexus 9 or 10 by now and they should have all been improvements on the previous model. We (nexus users) had all the features that are becoming popular; just on different Nexus phones. I honestly still love my Nexus 4 the most, they need to use that phone to inspire the next pixel.