Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test

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Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus Speed and Performance test, Fingerprint unlock, Camera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management.
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  1. Single core performance is what makes the difference in these test. It's obvious Apps don't take full advantage of multi core performance. In the end, who cares!

  2. Maybe if you use a mouse connected to both Smartphones for a more precise click, would it be a way to make comparative more accurate?

  3. Gonna buy an S8 soon, but none of these devices nowdays can compare with an old Nokia N900 when it comes to multitasking…that nokia with only 256mb ram could have over 30+ apps open and running at the same time without any apps being paused in the background, 8 years have passed and we do not have any device that can do that, that N900 was to far ahead of it's time.

  4. I don't get how people can get so mad at each other just because of speed differences in phones. I don't get how this is more important than being polite and friendly to people. I hope you don't talk about other peoples phones (for which some of us have to work hard and then are really happy about) like that in real life.

  5. who the fuck cares man, most of the time the differences were no less than 0.5 sec..
    this whole speed test and what not tests are fucked up…do something that is more imp for the society than calculating speed of a fucking phone?