Hands-On| UMIDIGI One Pro VS Huawei P20

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Snap Up UMIDIGI One|One Pro on 6th Aug at our official UMIDIGI store on AliExpress win a $169.99 prize , UMIDIGI One|One Pro, technology fashion pioneer, our best compact flagships ever!

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  1. How do you choose your phone? I'm the last in appearance. To in the hand comfortably. In addition there was a desire and about all sorts of 4/64, 2/32 since the previous one much complained when upgrading to the lack of space and memory. The name of the manufacturer didn't care. That's who knows about THL? And camera three years I have no major complaints worked, but non-replaceable battery 5000 by the end of summer swelled, so that the glass cracked, and about the lack of space to remind it constantly. I decided it was time to buy something new. Purchased on Aliexpress Umidigi one Pro. Almost a month was happy what he I have a beautiful and advanced. Well, that from time to time my interlocutor does not hear me, I call back is not difficult. Another thing was very upsetting: the rear glass gradient panel is closed with a black silicone cover and no one sees how beautiful it IS! Ordered on Ali transparent soft cover with stars – fucking great! And I must say that the native covers for this model are only black. Monitored from what licked, most similar to Huawei P20, in the store tried not to miss, everything is normal village. But knowing that the price of Ali Pribluda for 200 rubles, as against 500 on the counter, decided to wait for from China. Waited. That's only when it was necessary to replace, it turned out that the rear window ran a beautiful web. Okay, I think I can handle it. Fate means the phone lives in a black case. Son of glass on the screen regularly beats, but the performance of the device is not affected. Mine had a special destiny. The day before yesterday refused to be included. Ie, in the morning everything was fine, day noticed that the charging is not enough, so when the evening ceased the power button to respond, thought dead. But no. Died. When charging is connected, the red led lights up but is not going to turn on. "Good" uncle in the guarantee Ali, called the case is not guaranteed, because there is "mechanical damage". My vows didn't hit and didn't drop, you don't. Although the logic: how could he break under the cover, while the open part has not suffered at all? I have a secret suspicion that it's pressing the start button I have caused "mechanical damage", and then finished off to complete kaput, but there is a need to design so wonderful. The result: two months of joy for 11 thousand rubles and the biggest disappointment from the service Ali for the next 3 years that I use it. The opinion will spread to all the related models that you find at least some answer to the firm for the bad mood.