Hands-on with the new $999 Apple iPhone X

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Apple usually releases one new phone model a year — this year they released two. The iPhone got its annual incremental upgrade with the iPhone 8, while Apple also debuted the new premium iPhone X. Here’s what it’s like in person.

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  1. the face id is dangerous what if someone knocked you out then got into your phone by putting the phone to your face and got your bank details???

  2. The more I see the iPhone X. I do think the new iPhone (especially in black) is sexier than the Samsung phones.

    Apple is expensive but that’s nothing new.

    I think I’d probably still get this phone.

    Face ID looked good in the last few videos I’ve seen.

    I’m looking forward to my YouTube techies doing some in-depth reviews in December.

  3. Bro all a phone need is calling incase of a emergency or texting! Why the iPhone X got all these useless stuff? STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! I BET THIS PHONE BREAKS EASY ASF!