Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Florence Ion shows off her Samsung Galaxy S8 and runs through the reasons why its one of the best phones on the market.
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  1. So weird @ 1:30, where Flo doesn't know the proper name of a visual effect. Someone says what the effect is, and she gives them the bimbo "whateverrrrr". Then the same weird dude grunts, "yah yah yah". creepy

    Flo is useless.

  2. Typical Samsung… A great idea with poor implementation. They put out features that just don''t work well… buggy and unreliable. They should concentrate on making their ideas work well before releasing them….. My S7 edge is unreliable and freezes frequently. Been with Samsung for several years and I have been underwhelmed by the last two phones… well 3 if you include short lived explosive Note 7. Going to shop around text upgrade..

  3. TWIT have always had this problem with phone reviews. They focus more on the feels and the looks instead of a technical review.

    Having said that, Flo needs to prepare better for her reviews. She's seemed to be ad libbing all the time.

  4. I like TWiT. I've been a listener and watcher for years. But this review was horrible.

    And Flo? I'm sorry. She sounds like she doesn't even know what she's talking about and she's a tech reporter?

    Give it to Ron or Jason next time.

  5. My edge is a landfill phone. Even after flashed custom ROMs, Exynos 7420 with 3 GB freezes every minute. Samsung provides features that can be useful, but are bloat and often fail, like face recognition. Hope this is not another superficial Samsung product. The one direction speaker will be nice for listening before sleep.