Hello Neighbor Mobile First Gameplay Trailer – New Survival Horror Game For Android & iOS

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This video is a review of the New Survival Horror Game For Android, iPhone, iPad & iOS: Hello Neighbor Mobile – First Gameplay Trailer. More Details:

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Hi everyone! I’m super excited to announce Hello Neighbor is coming to Mobile (iOS + Android) this SUMMER! It’s launching on July 27th on the AppStore and Google Play Store. Hello Neighbor Mobile For Android & iOS is an horror puzzle game from indie developer and publisher tinyBuild.

Hello Neighbor is going mobile, with iOS and Android players able to sign up for the Hello Neighbor Mobile Beta now to join in tinyBuild’s brand of stealth horror neighbor snooping!

The gameplay in Hello Neighbor Mobile will be similar to the console and PC releases, albeit with touch based controls that use a virtual joystick. As we mentioned during the Hello Neighbor PC Beta, the gameplay It sees you attempting to sneak into your neighbor’s house and discover the dark secret he keeps in his basement without getting caught. It’s a tense game, and uses an advanced AI, which allows the neighbor to learn from your previous actions to really keep you on your toes.

The stylish visuals seem pretty much unchanged in the mobile version and the neighbor is no less scary. Act 1 of Hello Neighbor Mobile will be open to all for free, with players able to purchase acts 2 and 3 in app. The full game launches on July 27th, but you can sign up for the Beta now to get some mobile neighbor snooping in early!

Note: this is NOT SecretNeighbor. Nobody has cracked that one yet.

The Full Game runs fine after intensive optimization work
– Game will be free. You get Act 1 inside the free version. Acts 2 & 3 are paid in-app purchases. Pricing is to be determined.
– Coming July 27th
– Mobile beta sign-ups now open.

The Controls

We’ve been experimenting a lot with the control schemes. Here’s the latest version:
– Left stick (left thumb) moves around. It’s a “tap anywhere” virtual joystick
– Items are touch-sensitive boxes at the bottom
– Big button on the right is “tap to jump” and “hold to crouch”
– 3 extra buttons are for using items, picking up items, and throwing/dropping items
– You look around like in any first-person mobile game by swiping around the screen
– For context sensitive items, i.e. doors you can just tap on them to use
– You’re able to adjust your look sensitivity

Sign-up for the Beta
We will be holding a limited beta for the mobile version
Click on the first link to sign up, be sure to select the proper device.

What do you think? We’re specifically curious about what you folks think on the controls. Let us know in the comments!

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