[Hindi] Pixel 2 XL vs OnePlus 6 vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera & Video Comparison

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#Pixel2 #galaxynote9 #oneplus6 Camera & Video comparison between the latest samsung galaxy note 9, older pixel 2 xl and the oneplus 6. see which is doing better.

Note 9 Drop Test :
Note 9 Freeze Test :


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  1. i saw this comparison video on my pc. some pictures of op6 were better than pixel and note9. in terms of video hands down op6 was clear winner in 1080 30fps and 4k 30fps regarding details, stability was good on all three devices. oneplus 6 had bad stability on 1080 60fps when compared two note 9 and pixel 2. pixel 2 had best stabilization in 60fps videos both 4k and 1080.
    but dynamic range and sharpness was better on oneplus 6 in terms of video