Homescreen Setup Tutorial v2.0! Pixel 2 Setup! [Step by Step]

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Everything you need is down below! Let me know if you’d like more homescreen setup tutorials!

Nova Launcher –
Nova Launcher Prime –
Zooper Widget Pro –
KWGT (Optional) –
Pixl 2 Zooper –
huk for Zooper –
huk for KWGT –
Trident 3 Zooper –
Trident 3 KWGT –
Pixel Icon Pack –
Material Notification Shade –

My Wallpaper –
Pixel 2 Wallpaper –

Get Google Now in Nova Launcher –
Get Pixel NavBar on Galaxy S8/Note8 –

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  1. Help. For the trident app the pixel 2 calendar it can display my calendar just fine but it won’t show the weather sign and the degree. What’s the problem ?

  2. for me is no go, im using oryginal Lineage 14.1 ROM and on Nova and aPex launcher everytime i restart phone my wallpaper is not centered like suppose to be in setings, i have to abnormaly swipe screen and wallpepr is back in center position, i checked this 10 times at least even flash rom again, so Nova for me is not exist for now, or maybe is a bug on massive project like Lineage – but they dont give a f@#!$ about our raports of a bugs

  3. Your video is great, but I have a problem. In the pixel 2 calendar I can't get the weather icon and the temperature. Instead of the weather icon there is a question mark. How can I fix this?

  4. Is there any way to make make the icons for the note 8 circular, without having to download nova launcher, I love the way the note looks and operates I just want circular icons

  5. does nova launcher and zooper have battery drain issues idk if its just my phone or wat but since i installed them i feel like i dont get as good of batt as i used to