Honor 8X vs Vivo V11 AI Night Photography Challenge

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We compared the AI night shots of the Honor 8X with Vivo V11!

For our Honor 8X specs and impressions:

For the Vivo V11 specs and review:

For our written article:


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  1. I bought honor 8x and now i fugured thay my camera preview before taking photod are laggy .. Is it normal because in samsung low mega pixel camera doesnt lag like this. My honor lags only in low light

  2. I took a similar photo on my honor 8x on that same spot in megamall when i was about to go home like 2 months ago, In a point and shoot with no edit or enhancements, V11 is definitely the winner plus it has realistic color tones and sharper images, but the 8x really does a great job considering its price point and the its great night mode…I think 8x can really be on par with v11 if the software updates are faster and more optimized specially on the camera side and its system optimizations…