Honor sub brand of Huawei in world's No 2 smartphone market

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Huawei Honor (stylized as honor), is a sub-brand belonging to networking and telecommunications equipment and services company Huawei. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the Honor series of mobile computing devices include smartphones, tablet computers, and wearable technology.

Huawei Honor
Huawei Honor

Honor, a sub-brand under the Huawei Group, was conceived in late 2011 and established in 2013.[1][2] Since its inception, the Honor line of smartphones has helped Huawei compete in budget online brands in China.[1][3][4]

The company began its international expansion in 2014.[5] In April 2014, it launched the Honor 3C in Malaysia,[6] and it entered the European market in October 2014, with an announcement in Berlin. Its first flagship phone for Europe was the Honor 6.[7] 20 million Honor phones were sold within the first six months of 2015, equal to the number sold in all of 2014.[4][8] By June 2015, the brand had expanded into 74 countries, including European nations, India, and Japan.[4]

Honor’s second flagship phone, Honor 7, was released in 2015.[9] In October 2015, Honor announced its goal to double sales and profits, reaching $5 billion in profit, and announced plans to focus on India.[2][8]

Honor’s Vmall online store, which was previously available in China,[10] launched in Europe and the United Kingdom in 2015,[11] enabling direct purchases from the manufacturer.[12] In late 2015, Honor confirmed plans to expand the smartphone series and wearable technology into the United States.[4][13]

The brand debuted in the United States in January 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show with the Huawei Honor 5X.[14][9][15] The phone was initially available for online purchase only, but later available at select brick-and-mortar stores.[14] In August 2016, Recode reported that Honor has sold 60 million Honor products, generating over $8.4 billion in revenue.[16] Honor’s third flagship phone, Honor 8, was also released in 2016.[17]

In December 2016, Honor unveiled the Honor Magic, which was launched on the eve of the brand’s third anniversary and includes artificial intelligence software designed to provide “intelligent interactive features” based on user data.[18][19] In January 2017, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Honor announced that the Honor 6X, which was previously available in China, would expand into 13 additional markets, including the United States.[20][21] The phone earned “best of CES 2017” awards from several technology publications, including Android Authority,[22][23] Digital Trends,[24] Slash Gear,[25] and Talk Android.[26] The flagship Honor 8 Pro, known as Honor V9 in China,[27] launched in April 2017.[28] Honor’s fourth flagship phone, the Honor 9, was released in June 2017,[29] and one million units were shipped within the first month.[30][31] In 2018, the XDA developers presented an info-graphic which proved that Honor’s product ‘Honor 10’ has the best charging rate through Huawei super charge.[32] On September 5, Honor 8X and Honor 8X Max were released in the ancient Chinese city of Xi’an.

George Zhao serves as global president of the Honor brand,[14] and Eva Wimmers is the president of the brand in Europe.[33]

Business model Edit
As of 2016, Honor sells products primarily online via its own sites as well as via online third-party retailers. Some Honor products are available to purchase at stores in select markets. Honor is able to offer smartphones at lower prices because the company saves money by operating online.[9][34] Initially, the company only sold its smartphones online, directly from the company.[4][34] The brand offers flash sales in some markets, but not others.[34][35] Honor has offered discounts for joining the “Honor Club”.[12]

Products Edit
Flagship series
Honor (Huawei U8860) (2011)
Honor 2 (Huawei U9508) (2012)
Honor 3 (Honor 3 Outdoor) (2013)
Honor 6 (2014)[36][37]
Huawei Honor 6 Plus (2014)[38][39]
Honor 7 (2015)[9][12][40][41]
Honor 8 (2016)[17]
Honor 8 Pro (2017)
Honor 9 (2017)
honor v10
Honor 10 (2018)
Honor 10 GT (2018)[42]
Honor Play (2018)
Magic series
Magic (2016)
Magic 2 (2018)
C series
Honor 3C (2013)[1][3][43]
Honor 4C (2015)[44][45]
Honor 5C (2016)
Honor 6C (2017)[46]
Honor 7C (2018)
V series
Huawei Honor V8 (2016)[47]
Honor V9 (2017)
Honor View 10 (2018) [48]
i series
Honor 7i (2015)[49][50][51]
Huawei Honor 9i (2017)
X series
Huawei Honor X1,[52] also known as the MediaPad X1 (2014)[53]
Huawei Honor X2,[54] also known as the MediaPad X2 (2015)[55][56]
Honor 3X (2013)[1][57][58]
Honor 4X (2015)[34][59][60]
Honor 5X (2015)[61][62][63]
Honor 6X (2017)
Honor 7X (2017)
Honor 8X (2018)[64]
A series

Honor 7A(2018)
Lite series
Honor 8 Lite[65]
Honor 9 Lite (2017)
Play series
Honor 4 Play (2014)
Honor Play (2018) [66][67]
Note Series
Honor Note 8[68]
Honor Note 10 (2018)
Holly series
Honor Holly (2014)
Honor Holly 2 (2015)
Honor Holly 2 Pro (2015)
Honor Holly 3 (2016)
Honor Band Z1 (first


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