How BIG is Samsung? (They Have a Military Department!)

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So how big is Samsung? The answer may surprise you. Be sure to share this one!
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  1. Even though Samsung is this Big,the owner is not even in the Top 10 Richest list Whereas Mukesh Ambani(Indian) owner of the Reliance group is one of the Richest man in the world,and has the richest Skyscraper villa in the Whole World.

  2. So, from this video do you find yourself more or less likely to invest, purchase or buy Samsung products based on their corporate social responsibility (CSR)? If you are, then you have just been sucked into the marketing strategy, and ColdFusion may be a part of that CSR and marketing ploy.

  3. Samsung rose from the ashes after a century of disaster. Country split in two, Under Japan colonisation before, monarch bloodline ends, war and famine. Imagine what samsung or other Korean companies will be like today if it was a United Korea. More resources, population, land, etc.

  4. Yes they are the giants I never thought they were thank you guys for this info. I had to share with my entire contacts even the guys in the village. To say the truth I am pretty inspired.