How Much Money I Made as an iOS / Android Engineer (Salary History)

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Today let’s talk about salaries and how much money you can make as an iOS / Android Engineer out in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley.

Most expensive cities to live in article:

If you’re interested in learning iOS development, you’ll find an excellent course here:

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  1. I disagree with most expensive City is New York as you say a house in New York is 800000 dollars. Well in Beijing, China with 800000 dollar you literally can only buy a washroom. And from my knowledge Beijing is not most expensive place on property. Tokyo, Hong Kong, I know those 2 city has higher price than Beijing so please enlighten me how New York is the most expensive city in the world? Maybe it’s just most expensive city in USA but certainly not in the world.

  2. Only issue I had with this: San Fransico is the second most expensive city to live in if you are only looking at the US. If you look on a global spectrum, that number usually drops, sometimes even out of the top 25 (it varies between the lists you look at)

  3. Interesting video. Your numbers are reflective of many expensive cites in the US. I think most programmers top out around 150k-160k unless you get some equity, stock options or become a manager. Being a lawyer in a expensive US city pays far more 350k-400k is not uncommon but the job is totally different. It does not surprise me you became a consultant. Looking forward to the video on hourly rates.

  4. If you are from a poorer country with a low salary watching this, get some friends together and write an app to sell, anyone can publish to the app store. With the cloud you don't have to buy servers , go for it, good luck.

  5. in tunisia if you graduated and become an engineer you will wait about 5 years to get a job because there are 45000 engineers in tunisia don’t find a job and the average engineer salary is 700 $ in the mouth

  6. hi, I am from india completing my undergraduate studies, I am planning to do MS from US in field of computer vision.
    If i choose to study in San-Francisco college's like SJSU. can u suggest me how much living expenses it will take for student? or any other option that make living more cheaper?
    and one more thing what are the opportunity for job while and after studies?

  7. Today in Seattle Contractor Mobile App DEV's are billing out @ $80-125/hour for Senior level DEV roles. For Junior DEV's coming out of the code boot-camps, the hourly billing rates start at $45/hour and move up from there.

  8. I think I got it right:
    2008: $55K
    2010: $62K
    2011: $93K + $5K annual bonus + stock options
    201X: $115K – $130K (took different position within company)
    2014: $115K – $125K
    2014: $140K – $160K
    2016: ?
    8 years and tripled income. Wow.
    Definitely recommend listening to the whole thing if you have the time because it is a great example of what we can expect in this career. Great video and thanks for sharing!

  9. Dude, if I made 150k a year where I live I'd probably retire in like 10 years. I think the household income where I live is less than 40k a year lol.

  10. Hi. I was just about to finish my secondary school. I was thinking about takeing up computer science in college. I would like to know which country is the best when it comes to tech. Which country or which company normally give higher salary? Which country i should consider to further my study and work as well? Thanks…

  11. Thank you for sharing, Brian! This is very helpful for beginners like me, or anyone interested in being an android/software engineer. You're too sweet! Take good care of yourself and always stay positive!

  12. Great video and glad you emphasized the cost of living in the area. It's not just what you make, it's what you get to keep that builds wealth. I'm a recently retired IT Software Developer/Engineer or what ever the current label is and experienced similar progression in salary relative to my time period to give credit to your numbers.

  13. Im studying computer programming rn and im really confused what course am i suppose to take on college now?somebody help i need suggestions coz im totally clueless of college life

  14. A lot of people are taught that the best way to gain your wealth and keep your wealth is to not talk about your wealth.
    That’s how I was raised, at least.