How to become an iOS developer – tips

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Getting started with ios development is not easy, you will face a lots of problems. In this video, I’ll give you some great tips to get started with ios10 development. Also, I’ll discuss about the best way to take online course




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  1. hi hitesh I m first year engineering student computer science is my branch and I m very dedicated toward my subject and I m planning to buy a new machine to work on. I don't have any budget problem so which side I should go for Mac or Windows. please help me

  2. Hitesh!! You're really a good instructor. Should I wanna learn Swift fully ? Or the basics of swift is enough to get started with iOS programming. I've some knowledge on android programming.

  3. hello sir,
    I have a question related to iOS programming. I'm doing iOS developer course. I have done BCA . but I don't understand iOS programming… please give me suggestions.
    How to improve iOS development knowledge.

  4. Hi hitesh,
    Just a question where can i find your courses.
    I tried it on your website but couldn't find it.
    Hoping for a quick reply.

  5. A tip:- If you are learning from an online course and trying to do the same thing at you own machine too, then it can become tedious to continuously switch between screens. So it's better to choose float on top option in Safari or QuickTime Player and you can do both(watch and type) simultaneously 🙂