How to block unknown callers in iOS 10 | Quick Tips

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If you’re particularly anti-social or just sick and tired of those nuisance calls, don’t panic, it’s easier than you may think to block out any unwanted calls. There’s a ton of great, paid apps out of there, but it’s easy to do so within iOS 10 itself.

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  1. Unless I'm missing something, seems like an overly simplistic video. Fails to mention that when you select 'do not disturb,' you are also blocking all notifications SMS and otherwise including those from the contacts that you wish to receive calls and text messages from.

  2. So you block every single caller in the world and every single app and text notification just to block 1 caller? What a pointless video wasting my time

  3. this will only allow calls from your contact list to come in, what about unblocked new callers they will not come in if not in your contact list…. this is a garbage solution. I want all calls to come in unless it says UNKOWN. OR PRIVATE, IF IT HAS A NUMBER THEN LET IT COME IN EVEN IF THAT NUMBER IS NOT IN MY CONTACT LIST.

  4. iOS needs to make a severe renovation to the block setting. Set it up to when you block someone, they aren't able to leave a voicemail, it will drop the call each time the blocked contact tries calling you.

    Also, have an option to block No Caller ID calls from coming through. Also, showing a call failed message on the blocked callers part.

    Blocking someone's number and having it forward to voicemail isn't really that helpful. Especially when the blocked caller is still able to leave a message, and the blocked messages has its own folder.

  5. so i waste my time with these unknown caller calls. then waste time watching your ad. then your video shows how to block all calls except callers in contacts… does that answer how to just block unknown calls which is what virtually everyone would want to do? wasted more of my time.

  6. Totally pointless for any adult to use. Perfect if you never want to hear from your vet, doctor, car mechanic, bank, or any business that needs to call you after you have set up an appointment.

  7. 2017 close to 2018 we have the highest technology ever! Iphones are expensive as hell and yet they dont have the “Private call blocker” Clearly shows galaxy’s are the best! They have that option and this shit iphones dont! Going back to galaxy!

  8. What a pathetic video, total waste of time. I might as well turn of my cell… and that thick, unintelligible accent… how the fukk does he have 75k subscribers??