How to change screen sleep and screen lock timeout on Android Oreo 8.0 phones

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How to increase screen lock timeout.
How to reduce screen lock timeout.
To do this go to your apps then tap on settings.
Tap on “Display” then tap on “Advanced”
Now tap on sleep and choose the time your phone will wait before it goes into sleep mode, lets say 15 seconds.
the Second step is to choose the time your phone will wait while in sleeping mode before it locks.
so go back to settings and tap on “Security & Location”
Tap on the wheel icon next to Screen lock
Now tap on “Automatically lock” and choose the time your phone will lock after it goes into sleeps mode, lets say 15 seconds.
By doing this your phone will wait 15 seconds of inactivity before going into sleep mode
and then it will wait another 15 seconds in sleep mode before it will lock


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  1. Mam
    My phone is not locking automatically
    Even screen time out is 15seconds, it's still on
    Also when any notification comes it will again on and remain unlock until I switch off power button

  2. I changed my phone's lock screen time out from 15 secs to 1 min it automatically goes back to 15 secs after couple of hours. I did this several times what could be the problem?

  3. Hi and ty.

    However I don't get the second setting at all on my phone.
    Just like you describe I can set the wait time for sleep, exactly as you describe.
    But, the second step is as you describe until "Wheel Icon Next to Screen Lock" yet when I tap that, the only available setting is what message I will use.
    I have Android 8.1 Oreo and (this might be it..) no screen lock on, I power button to unlock. After power button I get an initial screen with my default background and no other apps or shortcuts, and on it a small lock pad at the bottom, middle of the shelf. I need to swipe up to start the Home Screen.
    What I would like is not to have to press the power button. It's too complex when the phone is on my car's dashboard base.

  4. How to increase the display timeout after the phone is already LOCKED and you press the home key. The display comes on for just a few seconds. I want it to stay longer so I can see what notifications I have while the PHONE is locked. I am NOT LOOKING for the Sleep timeout that you showed in your video. Any clues?