How To: Change Wax in Scentsy Warmer

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To be clear I save empty containers and I poor old wax into it. It’s easy, convenient, and it works best for my husband and I. I keep the container in a drawer close by the warmer. When its full of funky wax you can pop the whole bar out and dispose of it or if you have multiple empty containers you can just dispose of the whole contraption.

You can also pour the wax into a lined garbage can but I don’t recommend carrying a dish around the house to a garbage can because the wax starts to harden quickly and you could make a mess by accidentally dropping the dish. My husband broke a lid by carrying a dish through the house because he dropped it, BUT no worries it can be replaced. He’s also spilled wax on carpet but this can also be fixed.

We found that this method works best for us. Also if there’s any scent remaining in the wax you can pour it back into the same container with the unused wax. It will harden again and is reusable.

Sometimes you may find that a scent is lingering in your dish even after you changed to a different one if this is the case then after you empty out your dish clean it with a little soap and water. Do not mix warm wax with water.

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