How to Change Youtube Channel Username on Android and iPhone(iOS) | 2018

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This Tutorial would show you how to change or edit your Youtube Username Account on your Android or Iphone. This is a very simple and quick tutorial, while showing you all you need to know.

Youtube has been constantly changing their User layouts that it becomes confusing at times for its users to navigate easily, and to even not easily find basic things like Change or modify or edit Youtube channel Account username / name or logos on the Youtube app on the Account settings on Android and in Iphone. So today, using the 2018 version of the Youtube application, we are going to learn how to edit your youtube channel name.

WARNING: Youtube allows as of 2018, only 3 Name changes for a period of 90 days (3 months), or else it would say that it’s “changed too recently”.

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Video: How to Change Youtube Channel Username on Android and iPhone(iOS) | 2018
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Date: February 2018


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