How To Clear iPhone X RAM Memory

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I show you how to clear iPhone X RAM to help with closing all apps at once, freezing, lockups and more.

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  1. You don't need to clear the RAM/memory in IOS as the OS itself will takes care of the memory management. In any case, restart the phone is bloody faster than 'clearing iPhone X RAM Memory'. This is purely placebo effect of the needs of clearing RAM. IOS is not Android.

  2. Is there a way to find the location of the app so that you can delete it? Other than going pane by pane searching for its location.

  3. Hi Aaron, I love your videos, but looking at your comment section you seem to have generated a lot of confusion with this video. iPhones manage ram already, it’s a nice little feature of iOS. People can force close apps when they’re acting up, there is no reason for anyone to have to do what you suggested.

  4. I really couldn't follow that. I turn on assistive touch, prep hard reset, then press and hold the home button? But nothing happens. It's waiting for me to let go. That's resetting the ram?

  5. Assistive Touch ON, then go to General –> Shut Down; on the shut down screen, tab the assitive touch button, then tab the home button until phone brings you back to the setting screen

  6. That is a helpful feature but you can also ask Siri to turn AssistiveTouch on and then ask Siri again to turn AssistiveTouch off that way you avoid going into settings