How to Configure Cisco Jabber for Your Mobile Device (iPhone/Android/iPad)

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00:00 – Intro
01:00 – CUCM Device Configuration for Windows Devices
02:12 – CUCM Device Configuration for Android (BOT prefix)
03:11 – CUCM Device Configuration for Apple iPad (TAB prefix)
03:48 – CUCM Device Configuration for Apple iPhone (TCT prefix)
04:33 – Setting up Jabber on Android phone manually without SRV records
07:21 – Testing with some troubleshooting (was related to DSL/VPN issue)
08:33 – Setting username/password for Voicemail in Jabber with little more troubleshooting
09:14 – Re-testing Jabber login, VM, IM and test calls after re-establishing VPN connection (fixed issue)
13:19 – Summary plus Setting up Jabber on Android phone automatically with SRV records
15:37 – Closing

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  2. I have set up my iPhone as a CSF device but when I load Jabber it just says phone services are unable to connect. What could be the cause of this please? I am using an 11.5.2 cluster.

  3. Hey bro… I need help. How i should connect my real android phone to my lab network.. In video i saw you are using anyConnect for that.. Could you please tell me how you use anyconnect.

  4. IDK if my IST group doesn't know how to set this up, or what; but, i cannot see chat dialogue from PC on Android, and vice versa. Half the time, I cannot see the incoming messages from other ppl on both platforms. Isn't that what a chat client is supposed to do? like any chat client I've used in the past, like Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, iMessage.

  5. Hi there friend, I just wanted to say thanks. Not only for this perticular video but for the whole ensemble of your content in your channel. You have become a solid reference and if it was not for you and the nice video's you've been editing and uploading, I would still be with a regular analog phone at home! You should see what you've made me done!

  6. Thank you very much,
    I have an Issue in my corporate related to Android Phones only.
    the problem is when I want to open Cisco Jabber from Corporate wifi , phone services not working
    this issue happens only I open from Corporate WIFI and android phones.
    Can you help me Please ?

  7. When I tried to sign-in to Jabber for android.. it displays "There is no Internet connection"? what is the problem? All my machines have the NAT network adapter and my android phone connected to same Wi-Fi internet of the virtual machines of cisco. !