How to Design an App (iOS or Android) – Adobe Xd Design Implementation

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It’s time to design our mobile app using Adobe Xd based on the sketches we made last video.

Adobe Xd Files –

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  1. Hey bro! Cool work!

    In terms of UX tho here are some things i feel would make it better,

    In the signup screen,
    if anyone forgets his password,
    you've given the option – Lost password.
    Bt it dosent have that question mark at the end which is odd.
    I think you should keep it traditional and go with "Lost password?" or "Forgot password?" to give the impression of clickable link if someone actually forgets his password.

    And why did you place "lost password" in between Password and Sign in Buttons?
    Thats a bit odd to me.
    I think you should reconsider placement.

    I think the email icon looks stretched, and hence gives both the email and password icons an impression that they're not aligned properly with the text and to each other.

    Also with the blur background,
    "Signup" text isnt visible enough in white color.

    With the feed screen,
    I think the search icon should be at the right,
    That how people are used to search anything, and it comes naturally to everyone to go click on the top right for search.

    Rest all looks great!

    Now these are just my opinions,
    I might very well be wrong since i am no professional.
    Heck i dont even have a job and m just a student. 😛

  2. Intentional or not, your videos serve to bring such high levels of inspiration, Thank you Mr. Forrest Knight! Now, one question that might be a little bit off-topic, How often do you think iOS jobs will require the developer to do crazy UI stuff?, with this I mean things like Views that contain animations as part of the regular UX flow, 2D, 3D, etc. Do you believe it's kind of common or do you think an average iOS developer can do Ok with the basics of customizing UIViews?

  3. Question I'm designing a different app on xd can I do all my designs in one xd file by multiplying artboard and im design a app for iphone 6/7 right now and does it matter what order i put it in or no? this is my first time using xd

  4. hi there your videos help me a lot, but I m still a beginner.i have not decided to be freelancer but I wanna go in iOS side.i learned HTML,css,php and c# by my self. I just completed high school and enrolled in Georgian College as international student in 2 yr computer programmer diploma.Are there any tips u can give to me. I m asking you because your videos are the nearest to what I want.plz reply
    also I don't have Mac , I will buy it soon but till then can I code a xamrin visual studios

  5. Nice video man. I'm in the learning stages of XD. I'm wondering though if there is a video out there somewhere to show you how to take the design and add the coding into it. Or if maybe you could make one? I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to link the design to the code. Any suggestions of videos that could guide me through that learning stage? Thanks in advance!

  6. Hello ForrestKnight
    may i ask you what is after designing ui app like that ?
    is enough to be aware html css js or what to implement the app for android ?
    thanks for your nice channel

  7. Hey Forest,

    First of all i would like to congratulate for this great video,this is very helpful for me and my team to start with Xd.

    My team just starts developing and design mobile apps.can you please help in this?
    i have some questions for you.
    1.We are using PS for our web design and in that we are using 12 grid systems which is good and responsive for all the web devices, how many grids do we need to use for our mobile apps which is good for all the devices?
    2.for now we are designing our app on the iPhone 6 s screen resolution which is of 720 px.
    but our developer (Ionic) developer is not happy with those design as they said is not good for small devices and is very hard for them to adjust content on those devices,So according to you what is the best resolution size to design an app ?
    hoping to see a positive and fanatic response on this

  8. hi if you make for me same kind of app ios and android much much you will take and how many days you are taking? let me know please thanks for nice video

  9. Great content! I just have to enable the captions because I'm not able to understand your speaking since you talk a little bit faster than others I have watched ? – Hope I can understand you well soon without captions! Cheers from São Paulo ?

  10. Awesome video.  Question, once the design is completed, how or where do we go to transform it from a design to a real app?  There are no videos how to take the completed wireframe project and converted to a working app for IOS or Android. Which Adobe Cloud app to make it a app?  Thanks.

  11. Heyi… wow. today i came across this software of adobe. it seems to be quit easy to build apps for mobile devices. Can we make multi media player apps or theme apps and others with this software?if so then can you make a tutorial of detail progress of a media player app like MX player or other players? By the way nice video. And yes, can we build apps for both android and ios