how to downgrade ios 11.3 and ios 11.2.x to ios 10.3.1 (new 2018) read description

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edit: electra jailbreak on ios 11.2 to 11.3 coming very soon so wait for it

how to?

1=go to safari
2= search wayback machine
3= enter
4= choose 2017
5=choose may 15
6=and that’s it choose your phone and and choose ios 11.3.1 and it’s should download

very good choice if u want to jailbreak?

comment down below if it’s work and subscribe me thanks


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  1. its Waybackmachine website its just showing you old website as a Date its does not work

    Apple stoped sign for All of IOS to IOS 11.3.1 if u download anyOne from everywhere like waybackmachine but its wont work coz online server of that firmware not found apple stop that servers