How To Download Free Android Games From Pc

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whats up guys so read the full description to complete your download :
first the link of website :

now the rest is go to your mobile and search for (my files) , you will find it with your app
so when you find it scroll down to the last of the page there is the apk and it will be with a photo of the game you download it , press it and install then open and update and play 🙂
* if there is parts download each part and extract them together and copy it to (android-data) and then cope the apk like i tell you and play 🙂

have fun guys


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  1. for all u people who has tablets what kind of tablets do u have cus some of them dont pair or u cant download games to the tablet just though ill help like my tablet i have a nextbook i tryed one game like need for speed no limits and it wont let me download it cus it dont read right or something like that but just though let yall no