How to Download Free Music on Galaxy S8/S9 Plus without PC

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This video shows you how to download free music on Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, S9 or S9 Plus without PC


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  1. i use videoder, its a seperate app the app store, you have to search it up on google and its completely safe, you can download music and videos on yhere in any resolution you want to and the music download on videoder goes to all music apps you have too

  2. Hello. I get the message not available in my jurisdiction too. I saw your reply to the other person. Please have patience with me but I don't know what is VPN. How do I turn it off? I would appreciate your response. And thank you for sharing your video.

  3. The site was shut down because the greedy music industry wasn't making any money from this that's so shitty now if we want to listen to songs we have to pay for them!

  4. The video is great. Seriously its amazing.

    But the way you tap on the screen makes me want to shoot my tongue off.

    But seriously awesome video 😀

  5. You have no idea how huge thankful i am to you!!!!! I was looking for so long how to download and most important how to listen my fav music with the phone screen off and tried many ways and apps and now after your video i finely did it!!!!! So happy about that and again thank you so much for good advice !!!!!????