How to enable split-screen multitasking in Android 10

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Make the most of that large display with this simple trick!

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  1. On my m31s it is not working there are only three options app info, change aspect ratio and lock screen. Plz help me i need split screen option till yesterday I was able to use it but today the option disappear. I have already done the software update plz help me.

  2. Yeah right- I have a Android 10 plus and can't do whatever all of you said because its not working and this English dude acts like I have a "split multi tasking button" NOT!

  3. 9 to 5:
    I don't have a split screen multi tasking navigation. How do you figure? I am so frustrated. I have an Android 10 plus. Wtf?

  4. Is there a way to change split screen apps from left to right or top to bottom/vice versa? I always put them on the wrong side and its annoying to have to repeat the process!

  5. My earlier version was Android pie and i could use both Instagram and YouTube with split screen (though only YouTube audio can be heard while scrolling through my Instagram)

    Now my version is android 10.
    I couldn't do as i did earlier. I added YouTube to split screen and then click on to insta(as i cant do other way as insta doesn't support split screen).
    I really need it please suggest me a way.
    I used redmi note 7 pro

  6. i am using before the split screen but later on it was gone. I cant see any floating window like what you are saying. Please help. Is there any application that could stop it working?