How To Extract Audio File From Android Games And Apps

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Hi android users, here i am posting a simple trick to extract the audio files from the android application apk and games. Now you can set android apps music as your favorite mobile ringtones and lots more.

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  1. this trick doesn't work all the time, there is many apk(s) game that the sound folder/files already mix to another different extension. you need atleast tell the user which kind of extension that maybe those sound files hide.

  2. Thanks for this! You gave me an idea! First, download WinRar on Google Play then download the app's apk on the internet (e.g. then go to your file manager, rename the extension .apk to .rar then open it and find the music in the folders, sometimes it's in "raw." ?

  3. dear uploader this method is not working for all games, atleast which i m trying to extract sounds. tell the people if you know any universal method which will work all the games.

  4. My problem with this is when I download the apk on Airdroid, when I go to the downloads folder it says that it is a "Bluestacks Android Package File". Not an apk and that seems to mess everything else up. Why is it doing this¿

  5. so I go to /assets>bin>data and find well over 1000 different unspecified files. I've checked all the other folders and I couldn't find anything. how the hell do I find audio files?!

  6. Doesn't work on my games, there are no sound files there, or at least I don't know what extensions they have (Blades of Brim, Nonstop Knight, Beach Buggy Racing). I really want the OSTs so bad. Worked only on Paino Tiles.