How To Fix iOS 13 Bugs On The iPhone

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A New iOS Arrives and let’s just say it has more than a Few Bugs. In this video, we are going over How To Fix Some of the iOS 13 Bugs On The iPhone.

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  2. Hello, I am not sure if you still respond to comments but I re started my phone and my apps don't have the logo’s and it just has the text on some of them

  3. My iPhone 6splus has a bug, when I call someone they can’t hear anything what i say unless I put the call in speaker mode or connected my headset . I thought that it was a problem with some settings so I reset them all and even formatted the device but nothing worked. I thought there was some problem with my phone’s mic but Siri is recognising everything I say and I the receiver can hear perfectly when I make the call through WhatsApp or anything else. My IOS version is 13.6 and it’s up to date right now but i just can’t fix the problem. Can anyone suggest me any ideas to fix this

  4. After upgrading to iOS 13 on my iPad mini 5th Gen my iPad gets reboot by itself randomly and the screen turns on/off even if i’m not using my iPad. It consumes the battery. please help.

  5. my iphone 7plus having problem after i update to latest version.. now i cannot do video call.. apps get crash when i open but in other phone its shows miss video call….. can u help me out or any ideas with anyone

  6. I cant stream anything in safari it stressed me out im using iphone 7 i already try many things restarting my phone for many times reseting my network settings and disable my content & privacy restriction

  7. Anyone else having the issue that voice contoll keeps coming on eventhough ive turned it off
    Plus on youtube the video pauses on its own and goes on to my previous video or next video on suggested