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  1. I'm using xperia x dual and the back panel can't be opened how am I supposed to turn it off please help me . So that I can solve this same problem In my phone

  2. So, I tried repairing my Xperia Z1 with Xperia Companion, now when I connect it to the PC to try again, it keeps automatically rebooting with the message "Software Update failed. Connect your phone to the PC and try again". However, I can't try again because it keeps automatically rebooting when connected to the PC or the charger.

    Can't pop out the back cover like yours, without inavertedly destroying said cover. Have been looking for solutions for hours, do you have any idea how I can stop my phone from auto-booting when connected to PC or charger?

  3. Hey mate, i just wanna say i'm so thankful to finally get my old Xperia C3 fixed by following your guidance. I hope you have great years ahead.. Thank you so much, from INDONESIA.

  4. Same problem, I have Sony Ericson arc S, I readed somewhere on FORUM Sony Ericson get stuck on bootloop because you keep Bluetooth on and restart your device, ( and I was using Bluetooth to transfer file and didn't turn off Bluetooth and restarted after wards and I got this error, they say it's a bug

  5. suddenly 5 days b4 while using 4k video feature the fone just crashed and now when i turn it back on ..it only flashes the sony logo … so in this status if i charge the phone than even if its 100% and when i try to switch it back on .. its again flashing the sony logo…. i tried soft reset and all …if i repair my phone than ill loose my internal data., i dont want to loose my internal data … should i buy a new battery. someone please help help help

  6. I have sony xperia e3 single sim,i have same problem as shown in this video,but it does not reboot as you shown in this video,does this trick work for me….