How to fix Xperia Z3 won't turn on

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If your Xperia Z3 won’t turn on when fully discharged follow the steps in the video for an easy fix.


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  1. شكرا جزيلا لك , كيف نحل مشكلة الذاكرة الممتلئة علما انني اقوم بحذف الصور و الفيديوهات ؟

  2. I just got the same issue with my Xperia Z3 and tried all tutorials like these button combinations stuff but nothing had worked until I downloaded the Xperia Companion and followed these steps. During the process, when the software was reparing my smartphone, it got unrecongnized and recognized by my PC, therfore the process was never completed as it should, so what it did was to follow some button combinations again to manually reset the phone (Including the yellow little button next to the SD card slot to reset battery) and then, immediately I tried again and worked. No my phone is charging correctly. I will use it after it has reached the 100% of battery charge.

    In other words, if this tutorial does not work at first then you should try Xperia Companion app and look for tutorials.
    Hope it helps!

  3. iBro, my phone model is Sony Xperia M5. The power of the light still appear while connet with charger. But I still cannot turn it on. What should I do?