How to get a free iPhone 7 2018 | Proof video added at the end

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Free iPhone 7 giveaway:

Free iPhone 7 Method.
!!!!UPDATE May 1st 2017!!!!



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  1. Bkl
    Chutiya khi ka fudu smjha h kya sbhi ko tuna jo tu kr rha h tujhy kya lag rha h pta nhi lgega avhi to tu bcha h bkl

  2. tu Chutiya bana raha hai.
    iPhone 7s order kar raha hai iPhone 7 dekha raha hai.
    order 250 GB wala kar raha hai or 128 GB wala bata raha hai .
    mc,BC mother'fuck

  3. U dont knw the spellling of apple .. how will u use the APPLE iPhone?????..If u r free then u do fucking giri . Ye sare vudeos try karke maine khudke paiso se iphone x 256 gb silver le liya bhai.. logo ko mc bc chu and kutta banane ke alava kuch kaam nhi hai kya

  4. Bullshit ! see the time on the status bar 12.11 and when the Free iPhone page loaded it is 12.17. DO U NEED THAT 6 MINS TO LOAD A NEW PAGE ?????. WTF u wanna say ? Everyone knows that the page was created by you from page source and by changing the element.. STOP UR BULLSHIT VIDEOS AND GO TO HELL