How to Get Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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How to Get Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & 4

If Adobe Flash Player does not work Try Installing Flash Fox.

Flash Fox:

Archived Flash Player versions:

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  1. Didn't work for me 🙁 every time I get to the page that says cancel or install, I click install but nothing happens. I click cancel & it cancels. I even have it set to install from unknown sources. But I just wont allow the install

  2. Thanks bro. I must say you are well prepared for this video, not like most of the other reviewers and people are doing… Really appreciate that brother. Thanks again for that well enough pre preparation.

  3. Thanks but that app has too much ads and I don't do apps with ads. So why can't the same adobe flash player work for me since it's a note 3 I have? What was samsung thinking? A mean it worked on my gs3 so whatever the problem is, please help sir there has to be a way out other than the flash fox thing

  4. So the browsers that don't come with flash still don't work in your video, and the other browsers you show that did work, already come installed with flash.

    I think you need to change the title of your video of my friend lol..

    Bummer. I was hoping this would work on my 3 & 4