How To Get The Most Out Of Apple’s iOS 12

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Apple’s new iPhone and iPad software, iOS 12, is available to download. CNBC’s Todd Haselton shows how to use the best new features.
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How To Get The Most Out Of Apple’s iOS 12 | CNBC


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  1. Any idea on why on my new update it has a dark grey looking color behind the apps on homescreen and at the bottom of the screen? It's horrible looking and changed as soon as I updated. I can't change it no way no how in settings. I have an iphone 8plus.If someone knows the answer id be so happy! Thank you

  2. These r what u call it improvement?!!!
    I miss the time Steve was alive coz those olden years u could say apple is the best….but Unfortunately not anymore

  3. a whole bunch of nothing other than the downtime feature. memojis and stickers and stuff is cute but fluff. and the screen time feature is just apple's way of having a scapegoat to say they're trying to curb tech addiction even though they're one of the leading pushers of it. people who are truly tech addicted just wont use the feature lol, and the fact that you can simply turn it off is idiotic.