How to Improve Battery Life on iOS 10 – Best Tips & Tricks!

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Learn how to Improve the Battery Life of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 with these Tips & Tricks! This video contains all of the Best ways to Save Battery Life on iOS 10!
iOS 10 Hidden Features Top 10 List:
iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features TOP 25 LIST:
iPhone 7 New & Hidden Features:

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Let us know what your favorite iOS 10 & iPhone 7 Save Battery Life Tip or Trick is in the Comments Below! Thanks for watching!

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  1. At 8:00am I woke up went to school and didn't really go on my phone till 11:00am then my phone was at 20% it was 100% when I was on my way to school.? my phones broken I think -iPhone 6s IOS 10

  2. I have an iPhone 6s and I tried everything (my brightness is also all the way down) and my battery keeps draining fast especially when I use Snapchat pls help

  3. Hi my name is john,
    there are a lot of Americans doing the same as you are and it is great BUT not one says that these tips and tricks also apply to the UK as well as i have tried some and they don't work it would be nice if you could verify the would work on uk models but i will still keep watching

  4. Good advice ty on saving battery life, oh you can also go turn of your wifi while driving or if you're not in your wifi house so your phone is not wasting your battery looking for wifi everywhere

  5. Best way to conserve battery life which can make the phone last for a month on a single charge:
    1) Switch off the phone always. Only switch on when you really need to

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