How to Improve iPhone Battery Life on iOS 11! 50+ Tips & Tricks!

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How to Improve iPhone Battery Life! 50+ Tips & Tricks!
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  1. i just wanna ask something else. i have now the first version of the ios 9.3.3 jailbreak. i wanna get the updated jailbreak now. if i update it whats gonna happen to all my tweaks?

  2. I have auto brightness on so I can see it in the sun but what Apple does is lets auto brightness learn from you adjusting it and keeps it close to what you like. It's kind of an under glorified feature.

  3. i know this video isnt about jailbreak but i need help… i tried unjailbreaking using cydia eraser and when i did it showed an error and now whenever i respring it doesnt show cydia but only tweaks in settings. PLEASE HELP!

  4. Greyscale does something for me while playing Pokemon Go. My battery lasts twice as long than having it on regular colour mode. Maybe you can do some testing on this and upload a vid about it. Thanks

  5. PLEASE HELP! So I came across this problem after setting all of my locations manually off and I wanted to go back in and turn on my location for google maps and it won't let me see any of my apps please help

  6. Step 1- don't watch videos
    Step 2- don't play games
    Step 3- don't use your phone….. well then what the heck was the point of getting an $800 phone for. ._.

  7. I've seen different answers on this question but does anyone know for sure if you leave your phone on low power mode like all the time damage anything on your phone