How to install iOS 11 RIGHT NOW!! (Without Computer)

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How to install iOS 11 RIGHT NOW!! (Without Computer)
Yesterday Apple Announced two new iPhones, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus and the iPhone X. iOS 11 will be officially available on September 19th but if you don’t want to wait than follow the steps shown in this video to install iOS 11.
You can install iOS11 on the iPhone 5s and above.

Apple Beta Link

Open the Links only in SAFARI browser.

Note:- We highly recommend to take a backup of your device before proceeding further in case you want to come back to iOS 10.3.3.

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  1. UPDATE 2 : iOS 11 is officially available now and its the same build 15A372 so no need to downgrade if you have installed the GM and install the official one.
    Just delete the BETA profile from your phone and your are good to GO!

    UPDATE 1: – This video was about installing the iOS 11 GM Version which is most likely the same as the final version. So you can go ahead and install it by the method shown in this video. Alternatively you can wait for the iOS 11 Official OTA without signing up for the Public Beta (GM) version.
    Feel Free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

    NOTE:- Don't Forget to Take your Backup on iClouds or iTunes before yo install the iOS 11 as the iOS 11 Backup won't be recognised in case you wish to come back to iOS 10 (if apple still signing the firmware) .

    Did you like the iPhone X ? Comment below !

    Wants to Downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10. Check this video :-

  2. y this msg pop up in all d time even i connected to d internet….it says
    "Unbale to verify update
    ios10.2failed verification bcz of u r are no longer connected to the internet

  3. Hello I have an iPad mini 2…I tried updating to iOS 11 as shown in the video…after restarting I went to ' software update ' ….but unfortunately it is telling me that my device is up to date iOS 9.3.5
    Why it is telling this and what should I do?
    Thank you for your understanding

  4. It doesnt work for me I tried it 2 times an still didn't work cause mine is iPhone 5 not 5s can you make a video how to upgrade it to iOS 11,using iPhone 5 no 5s.

  5. I followed all the steps perfectly and it’s not working !! I have an iPad 2 , I followed all the steps and it was all working then when it restarted I went back into settings it said “ios9.3.5” please help