How To Install Sapphire Defense Curve – Samsung Galaxy S8 – Invisible Shield

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This video shows you how to install the InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense Curve screen protection on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. Sapphire Crystals—one of the hardest minerals on earth—are infused into this screen protection giving it 7X more shatter protection vs. an unprotected screen. This remarkable hybrid glass is meticulously crafted to embrace the curved edges of your GS8.


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  1. lmao jerryrigeverything tested this and it melts like plastic and scratches at a plastic level.

    So… i guess its like a downgrade for your phone. But it's still a screen protector.

  2. i installed it exactly as shown on the video and is left micro bubbles around the edges that will not squeegee out overpriced product and scratches easily

  3. i was wondering what i did wrong, realized it does in fact NOT fit if you re-watch the video pay attention to the edges. it does not cover edges so they stick up and do not adhere, bubbles galore and glare is horrible. i had a more inexpensive one i peeled off for no reason! NOT WORTH IT.

  4. Last time I get ripped of by these people. Video does not even match the enclosed instructions. Had a Curve and an HD, all won't work on a S8+. Now this crap. Its a rip off scheme, don't buy any of their products. I wonder if we have a case for class action?

  5. 50 dollars for a protector that scratches very easy when you can spend 15 to 20 for better protection. I bought the curved glass and it is horrible I will never buy zagg again if you market as a sapphire crystal protector why does it scratch and feel like plastic???

  6. I've now installed the Glass Curve, the Glass Curve Elite, and the Sapphire Defense Curve on my S8+ and the Sapphire Defense Curve was easily the worst of all three. Tiny bubbles in each corner and along the top edge.