How to install UV tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S9 PLUS

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Hello ! I hope this video tutorial can help you to install new UV tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S9 PLUS or any other phone.
is hard for first time but im sure you will have 100% success.. this glass is same like WhiteStone Dome but 3x cheaper, only
problem is because you dont get all tools to help you install but im sure you can do perfect using my video tutorial
UV liquid full glue screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy
S9,S9 plus,Note 8,S8,S8 plus are very easy to be taken out after installation with healing you can use home hairdryer .


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  1. I bought this kit not knowing it was glue and light etc. Thought I was just buying a tempered glass screen protector and now I'm nervous to even try it. I think you should've used something to cover the speaker and places it can into. But even with using tape I'm not sure I'm gonna do this. I wonder if you could apply the adhesive to the screen protector and then place onto the phone? Anyone tried this?

  2. If I was to use anything like this I will put take around the sides and speaker. I would but the liquid in a line to avoid going over the sides. Question: Is this case friendly, does it work with an otterbox defender case?

  3. Fishbone pattern works the best for smooth airless application. You should read the back too it makes no sense. Talking about airplanes… Lost in translation lol

  4. I bought one a couple weeks ago, and before installing it I wanted to see a "how to do" video. Thanks for this, really! I decided to NEVER use it. What a junk!

  5. absolutely wrong way bro… glue can enter Charging port and front speaker… It can damage both of them… You should've covered them with tape or plastic strips!

  6. I hate it when i drop the screen some bubbles showed in the middle and i cannot do anything. its not easy to install.. you should have instruction and what we need to avoid to install it properly.. i waste my money!

  7. I did mine but I saw another video this one he didnt do a good job alot of the adhesive spilled out and into the buttons. I clean the adhesive that spilled out as it was coming out with a napkin I just put it near the spill and absorbed it dot it gently then while curing it with the light i kept cleaning it so nothing got in my button nor my speaker.

  8. Never touch this
    Do not buy
    It doesn't come with instructions
    You have to watch it
    Even if you watch it you have a chance to ruin your phone
    The glue goes everywhere
    I have ruined mine
    It will go into your buttons speaker grilles
    Not worth taking the risk

  9. i followed your video but the glue stuck hard in the speaker of the Mobile i cant hear anything now … hiw to remove this glue? its so hardly its not going. any idea to melt it away?

  10. You can easy remove glass from phone after mounting, but when you put glue on screen you can easily remove phone without losing glue from the side of phone just take phone in hand and remove up down…

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