How to Make DIY Dome Glass Tempered Glass for Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+!

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In this video, I show you how to make DIY dome glass tempered glass for your Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, and you can also use this method on pretty much any smartphone to apply loca glue with tempered glass so your touch sensitivity and glare stays the same as if you didn’t have tempered glass on.

BTW, This is my first time trying this and I should have an updated/better tutorial once I get better at it. But pretty easy to do considering I did it my first time.

Note: Depending on the loca glue used, you may have to use less or more but it turns out I used just the right amount in this video I think. You may want to use something heavy to push down the loca glue at the end to get a nice thin layer, I should have an update on that next time.

Parts List:

UV Lamp(You can also just use sunlight!):

Local Glue:

Recommended tempered glass:

Temper Glass for S9+:

Temper Glass for S9:

Temper Glass for Note 8:

Temper Glass for S8+:

Temper Glass for S8:

Please read full instructions(as I didn’t get everything in the video):

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  1. Nice job Max , if you can tool up once and then do multiple screens on the cheap , this is a win , especially for clumsy old buggers like myself that break stuff 🙂 , thanks for posting .

  2. LOCA 1000 bonds stronger than LOCA 2000? Would you be able to do an experiment on LOCA 1000 vs LOCA 2000? I think that info would help a lot.

  3. i used the spare glue with the dome glass to fit a cheap replacement on my s8 by using all of the parts that came with it i got a perfect finish

  4. @maxlee can you do me a favour and check how much internal storage does your Samsung S9 plus actually has ? Because my Samsung S9 is supposed to have a base storage of 256GB but says it only has 229GB maybe some of it goes due to system apps but I'm not 100% sure thanks , or if anyone else knows let me know thanks ?

  5. Awesome find thats bad ass Max those cheap glass screen protectors suck because they dont stay and white dome is to got danm expensive. Im totally going to this on all my Samsung phones so high on android right now thanks.

  6. Nice tutorial! You have to take the adhesive off from the initial tempered glass or no? If yes how is this possible?

  7. Since I already have the whitestone kit, uv light and a few extra loca glue tubes, I know exactly what I'm doing if I ever have to change my S9 whitestone glass. Thanks dude!

  8. (max Lee) "Guys I'm just going to remove some of that glue with alcohol I have here… It's vodka which I'm drinking now"
    "Stay high, on Android"

  9. If you redo this video can you pls use the sun for uv rays because most people don't have uv lights and it would be cheaper without it.

  10. Nice to see an idea working! I would also mention, Mike, what I was also thinking other day is when removing it I think the best way is to use a dental floss to separate the glass layers!